Entries by Julie Rubini

Life events

“You’ve created a life event for children.” These incredible words came from Linda Feagler, the Senior Editor at Ohio Magazine. Linda was in my adopted hometown of Maumee yesterday, meeting with business owners, seeing historic sites, and generally rediscovering why our city is so special. I was asked to meet with her to share our […]

Seeing with our hearts

“Oh, Betty, you’ve just got to see it with your heart and your eyes!” These words stuck with me throughout our recent incredible trip to The Last Frontier, Alaska. They came from a 75-year-old adventurer, Sally, to her 85-year-old friend, as she struggled to get her camera working properly while we were up on a […]

See you on the radio!

Check out a recent interview with Tom Hodson of WOUB Public Media, Athens, Ohio.   http://woub.org/2016/05/06/nancy-drew-author-female-aviation-pioneer-subjects-of-new-young-readers-books/

Luck and Karma

I’m killing two birds with one stone on this Journal post. Check out the Song of Six Pens blog I was asked to post as a guest. Enjoy! http://songofsixpens.blogspot.com/2016/04/luck-and-karma.html

Ode to Libraries

It’s National Library Week. My first recollections of a library were of that glorious smell of old books from the branch at the school in my hometown. I long for that aroma of vanilla and mustiness all rolled into one. I remember curling up on a metal staircase in the library, finding a perch by […]

Fifty words before breakfast

I found a writing challenge while scrolling through Facebook as I enjoyed my coffee this morning. “50 Precious Words” is the theme. The contest is inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, which has over 700 words, but only 50 unique words. So, children’s book author Vivian Kirkfield is encouraging us to put our […]

On Air

I had so much fun today talking about all things Millie on Iowa Public Radio. Check it out! http://iowapublicradio.org/post/missing-millie-benson-secret-case-ghostwriter-and-journalist#stream/0