Stuff dreams are made of

My editor sent me a note yesterday, sharing that my latest book, a middle-grade biography of Millie Benson, was mentioned in an article in Publisher’s Weekly.

Get out of here.

Publisher’s Weekly?

That’s like my golf game garnering recognition in Golf Digest. I can only hope.

The piece was titled, “Is Children’s Nonfiction Having Its Moment?”

I hope it isn’t just a moment. I have many more real stories to share with children. Stories about amazing people who are inspiring. And stories about significant events in our history that need to be told in such a way that children get excited about them.

Hi-story. Maybe that is how we need to pronounce the word.

After all, that is what our past is all about, isn’t it?


I’m so blessed to have yet another opportunity to slip into the shoes of being a published author. I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty comfortable feeling. I could get used to this.

I’m proof that one can accomplish their dreams at any point in life.

You’ve just got to try.

So, go on and try.

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep writing. And working on my golf game.

Who knows what might happen?

Check out the full PW article here: