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Virginia Hamilton - Five Novels

Virginia Hamilton: Five Novels

Virginia Hamilton was the most honored author of children’s literature, ever. Rediscover Hamilton’s incredible work in this collection presented by the Library of America.

Virginia Hamilton: America’s Storyteller

Virginia’s personal journey is filled with many of the elements found in her stories. Learn about Virginia’s carefree childhood, conflicts and challenges she overcame, and her exciting role as the most honored author of children’s literature.

Psychology: Why We Smile, Strive, and Sing (Inquire & Investigate)

Psychology: Why We Smile, Strive, and Sing

Why do we do the things we do? Explore what science has to say about how teenagers choose to react to their life experiences.

Eye to Eye: Sports Journalist Christine Brennan

Christine Brennan, the USA Today sports columnist, author, and commentator, uses her voice to advocate for diversity and equality in the world of sports, and her wisdom to encourage future journalists.

Missing Millie Benson

Discover the mysteries behind Millie Benson, author of over 130 children’s books, including 23 of the first 30 books in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.

Hidden Ohio


Your ticket to family fun while discovering many hidden gems in this children’s book about the great State of Ohio!