Hidden Ohio

Family fun discovering the hidden gems in this children’s book about the great State of Ohio!

I began the process by buying a map of the State of Ohio, and dividing the state into fifteen different sections to highlight and share with readers.

I have been blessed to have been to each of the separate areas, but I discovered many different fun attractions and interesting historical places that I have yet to experience. I look forward to visiting them while traveling the state sharing the book and my experiences with school children.

Researching the information for the book took me a long time, as I wanted to make sure all of the information was correct. I read lots of other books about Ohio and talked to many wonderful people in the state.

The end result is informative, fun and beautifully illustrated. Children will enjoy reading about the many fun places to visit, and little known facts about our great State. The historical elements work well within the fourth grade curriculum. The hidden items within the illustrations reinforce the text, so multiple learning techniques apply.

The book is a wonderful reference guide, and intended to be shared and read time and time again! Hidden Ohio is perfect for children of all ages!