Missing Millie

As a child, Millie was left with plenty of time to develop her imagination, sense of adventure and independence. She grew up to become the original ghostwriter of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories!

At 17, Millie pursued studies in journalism at the University of Iowa. While a graduate student at the University of Iowa, Mille began ghost writing for the Stratemeyer Syndicate. Millie went on to become the first person to graduate from the university’s Master in Journalism program. Her life was about to change dramatically, both personally and professionally.

Millie met her first husband, Asa Wirt, who worked for the Associated Press at this time.

In addition, Edward Stratemeyer had Millie in mind for a new series he created featuring a young, independent sleuth. As the original author, otherwise known as Carolyn Keene, of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, Millie went on to write 23 of the first 30 books.   Millie wrote over 130 novels for young people, many under pseudonyms.

Millie was a journalist for The Toledo Times and The Blade. A love for aviation encouraged her to obtain her pilot’s license and to pursue stories in this field.

Millie experienced great tragedy, but lived a long, full life.

Follow the clues throughout Missing Millie to solve the mysteries of this ghostwriter, journalist and adventurer.

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