“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”

— Bruce Lee


I won’t live forever.  Nobody does.  I know this all too well.

So, I try and live every day. Really live.

Tough standard, to live life to its fullest. Every day.

I fail miserably often.

I get caught up in worry about a tomorrow that may never come.

I let anxiety spill over in inpatient interactions with the ones I love.

I lose sight of what is really most important in life.  Family. Health. Friends.

But, I try.  Every day I try and appreciate the beauty, the gift of this day.  Of those in my life who

are in it.  And those who have left.

I’m back to rewriting memoir.  I hope to capture how I’ve learned to live life at a deeper

level since my daughter Claire died.

How I’ve moved forward from July 6, 2000 to today.

Losing, grieving, remembering, honoring, and living. Really living.

Claire didn’t live a long life.  But she lived one worth remembering.

Just as important, my husband, Brad and I made a choice after the end of her life.

We could merely exist, or we could really live.

I’m so grateful we chose the latter and have filled our lives and those of our children with joy.

I ask for your support as I guide this journey in story, one that hopefully will be remembered

long after my time comes.