New year, new space

I’ve said in the past that I’ve never suffered from writer’s block. Seriously.

For me, it’s more a case of blocking the time to write.

You know what they say though. Never say never.

I’ve found myself the last few weeks luxuriating in the presence of my two children being home on break. They’ve offered a great excuse not to sit at my computer and work on my manuscript.

Reality sunk in this morning when I realized my deadline is just over a month. And I’ve got four more chapters to write. Yikes.

Yet, what did I do today? I began a project that is long overdue. I started to make progress toward moving my home office into a bigger room.

Yep, the “little room where big things happen” (according to a fourth grader during a school visit), is just about to get bigger. Way bigger.

I write, plot, dream and chair dance in what was a sewing closet when we moved in 22 years ago. It measures 9’ x 6. My new creative space is 12 x 13, or so.

It was the guest room, and before that, Claire’s room for just six months before she left us.

It is my hope that this larger room with its purple energy and spirit will lend itself to even bigger things happening.

Even better yet, I’ll not be restricted to dancing in my chair.

Get ready room, here I come.