Defying Gravity


I’m stoked. I’m going to see my favorite musical artist in concert.

Idina Menzel. Tomorrow night. With friends.

I almost peed my pants just now even thinking about it.

I’ve been listening to her radio station all morning while writing, researching and cleaning.

Idina’s songs serve as the soundtrack of my life these last fifteen years.  “For Good”, “Defying Gravity” and more recently, “Learning to Live Without” speak to my heart and my experiences.

I listen to music all the time while working, and am not ashamed to admit that I even dance by myself when inspired. Like just now when “Valerie” from the Glee Soundtrack came on. I dare you to try and sit still while listening to this rendition.

My office is way too small to contain all the energy that song generates, so I slid out onto the deck, my excited six-month old lab following me in excitement.

Caught up in my enthusiasm, Luna joined me, barking and running circles trying to catch her tail. Doggie dancing.

After the song finished, I sat with her for a moment on the deck, being mindful of the beautiful day.

As I rested, I saw three little white moths dancing together over our patio, which is flanked by a water garden and my vegetable garden.

The three swayed together for a bit, then one broke away and flitted over the tomato plants, off on its own. The other two floated over the water, then off and way up high into the woods behind our home.

Of course, it made me think of my three children, one dancing up in heaven for fifteen years, the other two creating their own paths here on earth.

I’m grateful for all three of them encouraging me to remember to laugh, sing, and get my groove on whenever I feel like it.

I hope that life provides you with moments where you defy gravity and get up and dance.

You can bet I will be tomorrow night.