Great reviews for Millie!

My biography of Millie Benson is picking up some great press!

Check out these excerpts from reviews of Missing Millie Benson: The Secret Case of the Nancy Drew Ghostwriter and Journalist:

“Here is a biography intended for young people that may find its true audience among children’s literature history aficionados and—of course—adult readers who grew up on Nancy Drew. Rubini opens with the dramatic trial that established Mildred Benson as the author behind the pseudonym Carolyn Keene: “Millie” wrote twenty-three of the first thirty original Nancy Drew titles… The biography is eminently readable and well organized…Appended with an impressive wealth of back matter (“Extra Clues”) including a timeline, a chronological list of Millie’s books, a glossary, source notes, and an extensive bibliography.”

Horn Book Magazine, November/December issue.

“Digging into archives and the memories of surviving acquaintances as well as published histories, Rubini spins an account of Benson’s long and active life that throws a strong light on the source of Nancy Drew’s own admirably intrepid and independent spirit.…An enlightening peek behind the curtain for Nancy Drew fans.”

Kirkus Reviews

Missing Millie Benson is as lively and compelling as a Nancy Drew Mystery Story. For anyone who loves Nancy, getting to know the woman who first brought her to life in this wonderful biography is not just a treat but a necessity—an inspiration to young writers and sleuths alike!”

Melanie Rehak, author of Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her