School Presentations

I’d love to present at your school, library or organization. I’m passionate about what I’ve learned, through my writing and life experiences, and love engaging students and attendees in my presentations. I understand the importance of meeting curriculum standards and making my visit the best for your students, or exceeding your expectations as an organization.

The following are several programs I offer, but know that I custom-create every presentation for your school/library/organization.

Everyone’s Life is a Story

(All Ages)

Students learn how I discover interesting facts about my subjects and weave them into compelling stories. Students are encouraged to unravel and reveal the mysteries within their subject’s lives.

Heroes Are All Around Us

(All Ages)

I encourage students to consider the heroes who live among us, and why their roles and lives are important. We explore important elements in a hero’s journey and sharing their stories.

The Tale of Three Writers: Millie, Virginia and Christine

(Grades 3-12)

Mildred “Millie” Wirt Benson was the original ghostwriter of the Nancy Drew series. Virginia Hamilton was the most honored author of children’s literature, ever. Christine Brennan is the USA Today sports columnist, television commentator, author, and speaker. Discover what all three have in common, their inspirations and the story behind sharing their life journeys.

Missing Millie Benson

(Grades 1-8)

Discover the mysteries behind Mildred “Millie” Wirt Benson, the original ghostwriter of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Learn about Millie’s early and college years, and how her life intersected with that of Edward Stratemeyer, the creator of the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins series. Julie pulls back the curtain to reveal the story behind the popular stories, and the woman who first wrote them.

Before Her Time: The life of Virginia Hamilton

(Grades 3-12)

Virginia Hamilton was born and raised in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Discover how this young African American writer became one of the most celebrated authors of children’s literature.

Seeing Eye to Eye with Christine Brennan

(Grades 3-12)

Audiences will learn how Christine’s love of sports was nurtured from an early age, how she developed her natural journalistic instincts to break many stories, and ultimately became the voice of justice in the world of sports.

All I need for a presentation is a laptop/projector/screen, lapel or hand-held microphone, small table for materials and plenty of water. I love working lunches too, but note I’m gluten-free. And I love dark chocolate!


My fee is based upon location of presentation and number of presentations. A typical school day visit includes up to 4 presentations to students. Please contact me to discuss honorarium and expense reimbursement. I try to keep expenses to a minimum! I offer a discount to schools within a three hour radius of Toledo, Ohio. Evening presentation fee varies as well.

Email me for more details.

I am happy to provide references from previous school visits and presentations.