Paying back


A friend recently told me that all the good stuff happening to me as of late was the universe paying me back.

She also said she was waiting for the same in her life.

“Hang in there,” I said. “It will happen.”

My life proves that even though bad things do happen to good people, (and excuse the assumption, but I do really try to be good), good things happen too.

It all begins with choice.

I chose to live after my daughter died. Really live.

I chose to honor her in a way that was true to her.

I chose to hold on to my relationships with my awesome husband, Brad, daughter Kyle, and son Ian.

I chose to accept all of your gracious help and support.

I chose to get my derriere back in my desk chair and start writing again.

I chose to be open to opportunities even when they were downright scary sometimes.

And all of these choices have lead me to all of the good stuff of today.

So hang in there. Hold on to those who love you, make the best of each day and rest assured, the universe will pay you back.