Julie Rubini final cropped photo

If I were a singer, I’d love to have these ladies as my backup crew.

But I’m not.

However, as a children’s book author, I couldn’t come up with a better group to have my back than children’s librarians.

And these ladies are no exception.

I had the opportunity to meet with Mary Lou, Rhonda and Diana last week prior to my presentation at their Brook Park Library.

Over excellent Italian food from a local restaurant, we talked about our shared experiences as book lovers.

We spoke of early childhood memories of riding bikes to the bookmobile, and hoping, with all fingers crossed, that another Nancy Drew Mystery Story was on the shelves.

We chatted about our experiences of sharing our love for reading with our children, and our similar rules for library visits. Each child was allowed to borrow as many books as they could carry.

We talked about what books sat on our night stands, and which ones we couldn’t put down.

These ladies then took these connecting points and shared them with the room packed with Nancy Drew and Millie Benson fans waiting to hear my lecture.

The librarians brought me to tears with their kind words. And made me laugh with their flashlight and magnifying glass props.

For the next hour I shared all that I had discovered about Millie.

The audience ranged from middle school girls and boys, to older fans. One woman had driven 100 miles to hear my presentation, two others were always at the library and just curious.

I had a blast, and based on the applause, enthusiastic response and book sales after, I think the audience did too.

I left the library feeling like I had connected with readers of all ages. I had touched their lives, just as they had touched mine.

I sang all the way home.

And thought about my backup crew.